Partnership Announcement: Ozys x Everipedia, The IQ token

Today, we are excited to announce that it has entered a new strategic partnership with Everipedia. Their mission is to bring knowledge on-chain through IQ token and their variety of decentralized applications. They’ve had multiple successful partnerships in the past, and we are excited to be listed as one of their successful partners, considering one of their outstanding partnerships was with The Associated Press for the 2020 US presidential election. Based on their past successful partnership, they have been publishing data, including United States Senate runoff election, Super Bowl, march madness on Ethereum, and so on.

Together with IQ token, we will be working closely to further ensure a fruitful liquidity environment for DeFi and bring more users, developers, and Dapps to the Klaytn ecosystem. Through this strategic partnership, Klaytn participants including KLAYswap users are able to experience what The IQ token is going to offer including various co-promotion events. Given that Everipedia is a powerful search engine as well as storage full of knowledge which has about 750,000 users and marks more than 1,000,000 visits per month, the synergy on both sides would be significant. Everipedia, through this collaboration, they can offer IQ Token holders a pathway from other mainnets to Klaytn ecosystem, which will enable them to pursue aggressive ecosystem expansion through Ozys’s Orbit Bridge. Specifically, Orbit Bridge has recently supported IQ Token into its bridging system, creating more diverse cases of ERC-20 tokens transferring to the Klaytn ecosystem.

l Precautions: As IQ token’s multi-chain support Ethereum network as does Orbit Chain, IQ token holders should change their mainnet into Ethereum before transferring their assets into Klaytn mainnet using Orbit Bridge. Several major centralized exchanges (Binance, Upbit, and others) are supporting EOS-based IQ token, so please be aware of how to change the token format on the Everipedia application before using the bridge.

IQ holders are easily able to bridge their IQ tokens from Ethereum to Klaytn via Orbit Bridge developed by Orbit Chain, a leading IBC protocol in the DeFi space. In addition, as IQ token expands onto fast-growing blockchains like Klaytn, the IQ protocol can collaborate with DeFi protocols on Klaytn like KLAYswap to build IQ token liquidity on Klaytn. Moreover, holders of IQ token can enjoy potential yield farming opportunities in the Klaytn ecosystem. All of that would ensure that the IQ token can continue to grow as a multi-chain DeFi 2.0 token.

[About IQ]

The IQ token is a DeFi, NFT, and Oracle token centered around bridging the real world and the Metaverse through BrainDAO. BrainDAO will use the IQ Token to fund the future of knowledge on the blockchain. The IQ token is multichain available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Klaytn, and EOS. The IQ token was first launched in 2018 and powers the Everipedia encyclopedia, the decentralized prediction market PredIQt, the first-party oracle service Everipedia OraQles, and the staking platform HiIQ.

[About Orbit Chain]

Orbit Chain is a multi-asset hub blockchain that stores, transfers, and verifies information and assets existing on various public blockchains through decentralized Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC). Orbit Bridge is the cross-chain IBC protocol based on Orbit Chain. It currently connects 10+ mainnets and has facilitated cross-chain bridging of more than $15B of assets in more than 400,000 transactions.

Orbit Chain supports 10+ public chains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi ECO Chain, Polygon, Ripple, Klaytn, ICON, Celo and Terra. Orbit Chain is committed to researching the interoperability of heterogeneous chains and further developing the overall DeFi ecosystem with better products and services. In doing so, Orbit Chain will create a more widespread audience and a stable blockchain ecosystem by allowing more dApp growth on all connected mainnets.

[About KLAYswap]

KLAYswap is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) service based on Kakao’s blockchain platform Klaytn. Achieving over $2 billion USD TVL with a daily volume of $100 million, KLAYswap is now catering to Klaytn’s ecosystem of Dapps and DeFi use cases. KLAYswap recently got a liquidity pool and bridging support for Gala Games, allowing them to safely transfer and grow within the Klaytn ecosystem.

We welcome all DeFi participants to create a wealth of liquidity in the blockchain world!

[OZYS Official Sites & Communities]

Orbit Bridge:

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KLAYswap Telegram (KR):

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[Everipedia Official Sites & Communities]

Everipedia Website:

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